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The Nostalgic Nest

location : Amsterdam
Apartment :2 bedrooms

Discover "The Nostalgic Nest" – a home styling project that showcases the power of incorporating personal items into home décor. Explore how we transformed a blank canvas into a meaningful and inviting home that reflects my client's unique style and history, by thoughtfully curating their beloved souvenirs and artwork.

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Welcome to "The Nostalgic Nest" – my latest home styling project. As an interior designer, I had the pleasure of working with a client who had amassed a stunning collection of souvenirs and artwork from their travels around the world. Before we started the project, the apartment had white walls, bare walls, and no lamps. While it had great potential, it lacked personality and warmth.
My challenge was to incorporate my client's beloved souvenirs into their home décor in a way that felt intentional and polished. We carefully curated the collection, selecting items that best reflected the apartment's green and blue color scheme and style. We added green and blue hues to the walls to tie the space together and create a calming, cohesive look.
My client also had a few vintage paintings and furniture pieces from her mother that she wanted to incorporate into the apartment's design. We made sure to showcase these pieces in prominent places, allowing them to serve as statement pieces in the space. We carefully chose other furnishings that complemented the vintage items, ensuring that the space felt cohesive and balanced.
In the bedroom, we changed the layout of the room to better utilize the space. I moved the bed to the opposite wall, which allowed for better flow in the room. I placed the vintage dresser on the wall opposite the bed, and hung a big vintage painting above the bed. Additionally, as my clients needed a home office, we added a desk to the bedroom. The desk was placed next to the bed.
The result? "The Nostalgic Nest" – a space that reflects my client's unique style and history, while also feeling polished and intentional. The vintage paintings and furniture, in particular, add a sense of character and history to the space. This home styling project demonstrates the power of incorporating personal items into home décor, and how thoughtful curation can transform a space from a blank canvas to a meaningful and inviting home.

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