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Portuguese Tiled Kitchen

location: Amstelveen

A colorful unique kitchen with colorful Portuguese tiles that made this kitchen so special.

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“I love to cook, and had asked Zwia to help me find a way to keep the counters and the kitchen decluttered. We worked together to create the ultimate design with a color scheme that matched the house. Now we have new kitchen and even put in a new floor, we feel true joy every time we come home, thanks to our beautiful and well organized kitchen.”
The owners of this special home are very colorful and happy people , I wanted to design a kitchen for them that reflects their nature. I was very happy to make a wish list that would make their dreams come true: lots of storage, wine rack, keep the existing fridge, pull-out cabinets for oil and sauce bottles , spices cabinet, enough oven space , so we have one steam oven and one combi oven with micro, another request was to have a small sitting bar to be able to look out to their beautiful garden.

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